The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers adopted a number of personnel decisions on May 6. One of them was the appointment of the secretary of state for the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Volodymyr Buchko was appointed as the secretary of state for the Ministry of Infrastructure, the CFTS portal reports, citing the publication.

The relevant Cabinet of Ministers decision has not yet been published on the government portal, but the Ministry of Infrastructure has confirmed the information about Buchko’s appointment to the CFTS portal.

According to Buchko’s declaration for 2019, he was previously the director of the legal department at Ukraine’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Born in 1979, he graduated from the Ostrog Academy with a degree in law in 2003. He was at the Ministry of Environmental Protection (later the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources) from December 2006.

The Cabinet of Ministers also appointed Mykyta Lahutin as the deputy head of the State Transport Safety Service on May 6.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers relieved Andrii Haluschak of the post of state secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure on April 16.