The Ukrainian parliament has adopted Bill No. 8172, which prohibits the use of buses with diesel- and gasoline-powered internal combustion engines on public transport routes from 2036.

According to the bill, only electric buses and buses powered by LPG and hydrogen fuel cells will be allowed to operate on public transport routes in Ukrainian cities of regional and district significance from 1 January 2036.

The bill stipulates that individual city councils can postpone the introduction of these new rules, but only for a maximum of two years. The new rules do not affect intercity and suburban transport routes.

The transition to environmentally friendly public transport will be gradual. From 1 January 2028, at least 50% of the buses purchased in cities with populations of over 250,000 must be electric buses or buses powered by LPG or hydrogen fuel cells. From 1 January 2030, the purchase of only such bus models will be allowed.

The share of "green" buses in major cities is expected to reach 25% by 2030 and 50% by 2033. In addition, the bill simplifies and lowers the cost of installing charging stations for electric vehicles and connecting them to power networks.

The bill also simplifies the procedure for installing charging stations for electric vehicles and connecting to power networks. In addition, owners of charging stations will pay only part of the fee for connecting to power networks until 1 January 2025.