The parliament has adopted the law "On the State Budget of Ukraine" for 2019 with a deficit of 2.3% of gross domestic product, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Interfax Ukraine news agency.

During its preparation for the second reading in the parliament, the state budget’s projected revenues and expenditures were increased by UAH 18 billion to UAH 1.019 trillion and UAH 1.112 trillion, respectively, which are 11.8% and 12.1% more than the projected revenues and expenditures of the 2018state budget.

The maximum size of the state budget deficit for 2019 is set at UAH 89.989 billion, compared with UAH 80.65 billion this year. The GDP is projected to grow by 3% and the inflation rate is projected at 7.4%.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said that a record amount of over UAH 210 billion was allocated for security and defense. In particular, the minimum wage for military personnel will be raised from UAH 7,000 to UAH 10,000.

The parliament also extended the experiment involving the use of surplus revenues from customs duties to finance repair of roads.