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Petro Andriuschenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, has said that the railway connecting Volnovakha with Rostov-on-Don via Mariupol will be operational in late May or early June.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing Espresso.

"Three test trains from Volnovakha to Mariupol and back were seen in April and early May. They arrived from Volnovakha carrying kaolin and ores, which are being loaded onto a Liberian vessel that was stolen last year. The train left the Mariupol port empty to test the track," he said.

According to Andriuschenko, the railway the Russians are building near the village of Hranitne through the Telmanivskyi district to connect Mariupol with Volnovakha and Rostov-on-Don is almost finished.

"There are no rails on the bridges and junctions, they are just being laid. According to our estimates, this railroad will be operational by the end of May or the beginning of June," Andriuschenko said.