Large manufacturing companies will invest in Ukraine. Andrii Pyvovarskyi, Ukraine's Infrastructure Minister, announced this during the yesterday press conference.

"The principal decision to invest in Ukraine was made at offices of large Western manufacturing corporations," the minister said.

According to Pyvovarskyi, the matter concerns Siemens and Bombardier. "They are ready to enter Ukraine. The question is whether it will be only assembling, or a joint venture," he noted. The minister considers that investors are encouraged by large opportunities of the Ukrainian market as well as the simultaneous liberalization of the railway sector.

The Infrastrusture Ministry also reported the representatives of Bombardier recently visited Zaporizhia electric locomotive factory.

As reported, Bombardier is also considering cooperation with machine-building enterprises in the Lviv region. This was discussed on 15 December during a meeting between the Lviv region’s Governor Oleh Siniutka and Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk.

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