Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises reduced production of steel by 28% to 9.247 million tons in January-May 2015, compared with the same period in 2014, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reported, citing the Metallurgprom association of metallurgical enterprises.

Production of general rolled products reduced by 30% to 8.001 million tons and production of pig iron by 30% to 8.363 million tons. Production of pipes reduced by 40% to 368,000 tons and production of coke by 41% to 4.251 million tons.

In May, metallurgical enterprises produced 2.173 million tons of steel, 1.833 million tons of general rolled products, 1.927 million tons of pig iron, 79,300 tons of pipes, and 960,000 tons of coke. In April, the produced 1.927 million tons of steel, 1.688 million tons of general rolled products, 1.706 million tons of pig iron, 68,800 tons of pipes, and 841,000 tons of coke.

The Alchevsk iron and steel works, the Donetsk electrometallurgical plant, and the Donetsk steel rolling plant are currently out of operation. The Alchevsk steel plant is preparing to re-launch operations after resolution of organizational issues involving delivery of raw materials and shipment of products from the area of the areas affected by fighting.

Production of pig iron in Ukraine reduced by 15% to 24.810 million tons, steel by 17% to 27.161 million tons, rolled products by 18% to 23.793 million tons, pipes by 14% to 1.396 million tons, and coke by 21% to 13.824 million tons in 2014, compared with 2013.