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World Bank To Finance Infrastructure ‘Survival Projects’ In Ukraine - Infrastructure Ministry

The possibility of raising USD 100 million for railway and road construction projects is being discussed.

Rozetka Retailer Launches Deliveries To Poland

The cost of a single order cannot exceed the equivalent of EUR 150.

FAO To Open Project Office In Ukraine

According to Ukraine’s first deputy prime minister/economy minister, the approval of the relevant agreement and the opening of an FAO office in Ukraine will help raise cooperation to a much higher level.

Ukraine’s Exports To EU Exceed Pre-War Levels

The export volumes in the 1-3 quarters slightly exceed the volumes in the same period of 2021.

Russia Conducts Over 4,000 Attacks On Ukraine’s Transport Infrastructure

Russia has struck over 4,000 transport infrastructure facilities in Ukraine since the beginning of its full-scale war against the country.

Russian Embankment In Szczecin Port Renamed Ukrainian Embankment

The decision to rename the embankment will enter into force 14 days after its announcement in the Official Gazette of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Russians Steal 200,000 Tons Of Newly Harvested Grain From Luhansk Region

All the grain that was harvested in fields belonging to one of the largest agricultural holdings in eastern Ukraine was taken to the Russian Federation.

Ukraine Reduces Coal Imports Almost 3-Fold In 2022

The import of hard coal and anthracite decreased by 2.7 times.

33 Ships With 719,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Departed From The Ports Of Ukraine Within The Framework Of "Grain Corridor"

Another 18 vessels are being loaded and waiting for departure.

15% Of Ukraine’s Population Internally Displaced

Meanwhile, 5.5 million people who left the country earlier have already returned to the unoccupied territories.

Ukrainian Troops Land On Snake Island

Ukrainian flags were raised on the island.

EASA Confirms Safety Of 6 Air Routes Over Black Sea Where Responsibility For ATS Is Delegated To Ukraine

The EASA’s decision does not apply to the airspace above the Crimean territory in the Black Sea.

Ukraine Cancels Visas For Chinese Tourists Until 2021

The relevant decree was signed with the aim of intensifying bilateral cooperation on tourism.

CFTS Issues New Edition Of Transport Book 2018

A new section has been added to the handbook and the information in it has been updated.

Ukrainian Airlines Increase Passenger Transportation By 27.5% Since Beginning Of 2016

Ukrainian airlines carried 6.946 million passengers in January-October 2016

Moldova Puts Brakes On ‘Open Skies’ Agreement With Ukraine

Moldova demand some cessions for unhampered transit of its vehicles through the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Airlines Significantly Increase Passenger Transport Volume In January-September

Ukrainian airlines increased passenger transportation by 26.6%

Boeing Hiring 20 Times More Ukrainian Specialists For Its Projects

The proportion of Ukrainian involvement in the modeling of Boeing’s new generation of aircraft did not exceed 0.1%

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Saves Over UAH 104 Million On Procurements In 2016

More than half of contracts were made by four divisions of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

Ukraine’s Ocean Fleet Transfers UAH 13 Million In Dividends Into State Budget

The total profit of the state of ocean fishing fleet was more than USD 680,000 in 2015.

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