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China Emerges As World Leader In Electric Vehicle Sales

Thanks to government support in the form of tax breaks and subsidies, production of electric cars in China has been booming for the past two years.

Parliament Reduces Cost Of Electric Cars

Now, the cost of major brands of electric cars will reduce by no more than USD 900.

Tesla Announces Recall Of All Model S Electric Cars

The company is recalling all the 90,000 Model S electric cars that have been sold around the world.

New Charging Stations For Electric Cars Installed In Lviv

New charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed in Lviv. The project is financing by Oschadbank.

Charging the Economy: Why the Number of Electric Cars in Ukraine has Quadrupled in Six Months

Owners of electric cars tell us why the number of such cars in Ukraine increased fourfold in the first half of 2015 and the difference between perceptions of this segment of the car market in Ukraine and the European Union.

Sales Of Electric Cars In Ukraine Quadruple

The sales leader was the Japanese automaker Nissan - 149 electric cars manufactured by this company were sold during this period.

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