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Kremenchuk Invites Tenders For Supply Of 20 Autonomous Trolleybuses

The trolleybuses will be purchased with an EIB loan provided under the Urban Public Transport of Ukraine II project.

Latvian innovation: why electric minibuses a promising type of public transport in Baltics and Scandinavia

The co-owner of the Latvian company Electrify, Agris Amoliņš, on the prospects of electric minibuses in the market of public transport in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

Luhansk Region Becomes Only Ukrainian Region With Completely Destroyed Electric Transport

The last remaining trolleybus in the Luhansk region (the occupied city of Krasnodon) has been taken out of service.

Over 26,000 Electric Cars Registered In Ukraine

Most of the electric vehicles are registered in Kyiv, the Odesa region, and the Kyiv region.

From the World Record to Supply of Ukrainian Electric Bicycles to US and Mexican Police - Interview With Delfast

An interview with the Delfast company on setting a world record and supplying Ukrainian electric bicycles to the US and Mexican police.

Mexican Police Receive Ukrainian Electric Motorcycles

Ukrainian-made Delfast electric motorcycles are being used to patrol the streets of a city on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Rada Approves First Readings Of Bills On Preferential Import Regime For Equipment For Production Of Electric Vehicles Until 2028

The bill also proposes extending or expanding the preferences for importers and buyers of electric vehicles.

Bogdan To Begin Mass Production Of Its First Electric Bus

The company hopes to achieve success on the European market with the new bus.

5% Of Parking Spaces To Be Allocated For Electric Cars

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to prepare for the era of electric cars.

French-Based Bluebus Extends Bogdan’s Contract For Supply Of Bodies For Electric Buses

Satisfied with the previous delivery, the customer decided to continue cooperation with Bogdan.

Bohdan Presents First Ukrainian-Made Electric Truck

The vehicle was assembled in Lutsk for the Banke Electromotive company (Denmark).

Registration Of Electric Vehicles In Ukraine Increases 50%

2,284 electric vehicles were registered in Ukraine from January 2016 to March 2017.

Ukrposhta To Buy Electric Vehicles For Delivering Parcels

Ukrposhta’s first electric vehicles will deliver parcels in Kyiv, Odesa, and Kharkiv.

WOG To Increase Number Of Chargers For Electric Vehicles 30-Fold

30 out of the 300 chargers will be high-speed chargers (superchargers).

Prototype Of First Ukrainian Electric Car Presented In Kyiv

The prototype of the first Ukrainian electric car, which is called the Synchronous, was presented at the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kyiv. The car, which accommodates six people, is designed for driving in urban areas.

Taxi Service Using Electric Vehicles To Be Established In Kyiv

A taxi service using electric vehicles will be established in Kyiv. The service will initially have a fleet of 12 Nissan Leaf vehicles.

Belarus Starts Production Of Electric Buses

The Belkommunmash company will produce two prototype electric buses for Minsk before the end of this year.

Tesla’s First Charging Stations In Moldova and Ukraine To Appear In 2016

Tesla Motors, an American manufacturer electric cars, plans to build a Supercharger charging station in Chisinau (Moldova) before the end of 2016. The same point is to appear in Ukraine this year.

First Fast Charging Station For Electric Vehicles Opens In Ukraine

The first so-called supercharger – a powerful charging station for electric vehicles that is capable of operating on both alternating and direct current – has opened at 5, Nauki Avenue, in Kyiv.

Charging Stations For Electric Cars Appear At Kharkiv Airport

Two charging stations for electric vehicles have appeared at the Kharkiv international airport.

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