The Tesla company (United States) is recalling all Model S electric cars because of possible malfunction of the front seat-belt assembly, the TASS news agency wrote, citing representatives of the automaker, reports.

The company is recalling all the 90,000  electric cars that have been sold around the world. It is the largest recall by the company.

Technicians with Tesla believe that the seat belts in these electric cars can disconnect suddenly. The company intends to check all the cars for this malfunction.

According to a representative of the manufacturer, this seat-belt malfunction occurred in a single Model S electric car in Europe. The seat belt became disconnected when the front passenger turned around to talk to the occupants riding in the back of the car. Tesla confirmed the malfunction, which can lead to the seat belt not working properly in an accident, after the woman informed the company about this case.

It was reported in August that Tesla lost more than USD 4,000 on every Model S sedan it sold. The total loss of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles was USD 359 million in the second quarter of 2015.

The cheapest version of the Model S costs USD 57,500. The most expensive modification costs USD 87,500. The sedan can be equipped with a higher capacity battery for an additional USD 3,000, air suspension for an additional USD 2,500, and additional seats in the trunk for an additional USD 3,000.

The five-door hatchback Tesla Model S has been in production since 2012, and it comes with one of two types of lithium-ion batteries: one with a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours or one with a capacity of 85 kilowatt-hours. The car achieved the highest American NCAP crash-test rating in 2013.