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Deputy Prime Minister Announces Creation Of New Agency To Replace Ecological Inspectorate

Environmental monitoring of the most important companies will be performed by the existing service while a new organization will be established simultaneously.

Ecological Inspector Tries To Illegally Take Sample Of Ballast Water From Turkish Vessel At Yuzhny Port

There were no ecologists on the commission because, according to the process chart approved by the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 451, they are not part of a reception commission

Transport Employers Federation: Reduction Of Period For Analyzing Ballast Water Will Not Eradicate Corruption

A working group will meet in early February to discuss the necessary amendments to the legislation

34 Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles To Launch In Ukraine Next Week

It will be possible to charge any electric car at these charging stations.

Regulation Of Ships’ Segregated Ballast Water At Ukrainian Ports Abolished

The relevant amendments adapt the national environmental legislation to international standards and eradicate one of the most common corruption schemes.

Yuzhny Port Joins EcoPorts Network

Experts with the port’s administration have begun work aimed at securing confirmation of compliance with the environmental safety requirements existing in European harbors

Ecological Inspectors vs. shipowners: how the state makes money on accidents in ports

There are cases of inconsiderable cargo spills in ports of Ukraine, however the way the damage amount is calculated has nothing to do with international rules. Shipowners complain of arbitrary behavior of ecological inspectors and raise the issue on the international level; in turn the state at all costs tries to make money on such offenders.

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