The State Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine should be abolished and not reformed, Deputy Prime Minister Valerii Voschevskyi has said, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

"There is only one conclusion: it is impossible to reform it. It should be abolished," Voschevskyi said at a news briefing in Kiev on Monday, 20 July.

According to Voschevskyi, the State Ecological Inspectorate is not performing its functions fully and "the corruption component in it is at the level of 100%."

Instead of the State Ecological Inspectorate, which employs 2,500 people, it is proposed to create a new agency with the participation of young people and public figures.

For now, environmental monitoring of the most important companies will be performed by the existing service while a new organization will be established simultaneously. Its creation will take six to eight weeks.

Voschevskyi took over the coordination of the work of the State Ecological Inspectorate, the State Agency for Management of the Exclusion Zone, the State Geology and Mineral Resources Service, and the State Water Resources Agency in early July.