The administration of the Yuzhny seaport has become a participant in the EcoPorts working project. Experts with the port’s administration have begun work aimed at securing confirmation of compliance with the environmental safety requirements existing in European harbors, the press service of the administration has announced.

"The environmental policy of the Yuzhny seaport’s administration is aimed at strict conformance with the environmental legislation, sustainable use of natural resources, and reduction of the negative impact of production factors on the environment. The Yuzhny seaport’s accession to the family of European ‘green ports’ confirms the administration’s desire to ensure environmental safety in its waters at the level of the leading European standards,” Oleh Siomin, the head of the seaport administration’s environmental safety service, is quoted as saying in a press release.

Accession to the EcoPorts network of the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) was made possible by the port administration’s systematic work to protect the environment, the press service said.

The Yuzhny seaport is the second Ukrainian seaport to join the EcoPorts network. The first was the Odessa seaport.