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Ukraine’s Pig Iron Exports Fall To Lowest Level Since April 2022

Only 27,800 tons of pig iron were exported in August.

Export Of Agricultural Products Through ‘Grain Corridor’ Down 22% In 1 Week

Corn, wheat, and sunflower oil accounted for the largest export volumes during the 20th week of operation of the humanitarian maritime corridor.

MENA Region Loses Almost 2 Million Tons Of Iron Ore Due To Russian Blockade Of Ukrainian Ports

Algeria is the country worst affected by these supply interruptions.

Nibulon’s Exports Down 88% In March-August Due To Loss Of Routes Through Mykolaiv Port

The company has rerouted some of its exports by rail, road, and river, and it is building a new terminal on River Danube to prevent future disruptions.

Grain Initiative Extended For 4 Months

Ukraine has proposed extending the Grain Initiative for one year and including the Mykolaiv seaport in it.

Ukraine Has Lost Over 9 Million Tons Of Granary Capacity Due To War - KSE

According to KSE analysts, the estimated cost of repairing the damaged and replacing destroyed granaries is about USD 1.1 billion.

Turkey To Propose Extending Grain Deal For Another Year

Turkey noted Russia has received the necessary guarantees from Ukraine.

EBA Supports Idea Of Building Broad-Gauge Railway In Poland For Exporting Ukrainian Goods

Ukrainian businesses are ready to guarantee Poland that they will continue to use such a transport corridor even after the war.

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