Infrastructure Ministry Compares Value Of Ukrzaliznytsia’s Assets To Assets Of Other Countries’ Railways

The renewal cost of Ukrzaliznytsia’s assets is UAH 1.253 trillion. For companies in other countries, the figures are 2.43 UAH in Germany, UAH 2.022 trillion in Italy, UAH 1.903 trillion in Russia, and UAH 693 billion in Austria.

German Expert To Work On Creation Of Freight Company At Ukrzaliznytsia

Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi has announced the creation of a freight company within the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) and said that an expert from Germany has been hired for its creation.

Sale Of Electronic Tickets Through Ukrzaliznytsia’s Website Doubles

More passengers are buying train tickets on the internet. Electronic tickets accounted for 25.6% of the total number of tickets sold in the first eight months of this year, which represents an increase of 12.6% over the previous year.

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