The Ministry of Infrastructure has published comparative data on the valuation of the core assets of the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) with foreign railway companies with similar organizational structures.

The renewal cost of Ukrzaliznytsia’s assets is UAH 1.253 trillion. For companies in other countries, the figures are 2.43 UAH in Germany, UAH 2.022 trillion in Italy, UAH 1.903 trillion in Russia, and UAH 693 billion in Austria.

The fair valuation of Ukrzaliznytsia’s assets is much less - UAH 236 billion. The comparative figures are UAH 678 billion for Germany, UAH 718 billion for Italy, UAH 1.131 trillion for Russia, and UAH 363 billion for Austria.

The renewal cost of railway assets per kilometer of operational length is UAH 69 million for Ukrzaliznytsia. For Russia, this figure is relatively low at only UAH 22 million per kilometer, compared with the railways of other countries. Interestingly, the figure for Germany - UAH 73 million per kilometer - is about the same as the figure for Ukraine. The figure for Austria is UAH 143 million per kilometer and the figure for Italy is UAH 121 million per kilometer.

In terms of the fair value of railway assets, Ukraine and Russia are equal at UAH 13 million per kilometer. The relevant figures ate UAH 20 million per kilometer for Germany, UAH 43 million per kilometer for Italy, and UAH 75 million per kilometer for Austria.

As stated in the presentation, the data on the value of Ukrzaliznytsia’s assets were taken from a valuation performed by the Deloitte audit firm. The data for the railways of other countries were taken from their financial statements based on international standards (the book value, taking account of infrastructural subsidies).