Lemtrans Increases Cargo Transportation By 13.1% In 2015

The Lemtrans freight forwarding company increased cargo transportation by 7.4 million tons or 13.1% to 63.7 million tons in 2015, compared with the 2014.

Yuzhny Port To Resume Project For Dredging Its Approach Canal To 21 Meters, Following Suspension In 2014

The Yuzhny port authority expects the Cabinet of Ministers to approve in 2016 the revised project for dredging the Yuzhny seaport’s approach canal to 21 meters, which was suspended in 2014.

Ukraine Issues Permits For Transportation Of Transit Goods By Road In 2016 To Russia

Ukraine has issued permits for transportation of transit goods by road, as well as for irregular transportation of transit passengers by road, in 2016 to Russia.

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