The Lemtrans freight forwarding company increased cargo transportation by 7.4 million tons or 13.1% to 63.7 million tons in 2015, compared with the 2014, the press service of the company announced.

Traditionally, the main type of cargo transported by the company is coal. The volume of coal transported by the company reduced from 30.5 million tons in 2014 to 27.8 million tons in 2015. The volume of iron-ore raw materials transported by the company increased by 86.2% to 22.5 million tons in 2015.

The volume of loading of ferrous metals increased by 28% to 6.4 million tons (5 million ton in 2014). The company transported 3.5 million tons of flux (about 5 million tons in 2014) and 2 million tons of coke (2.7 million tons in 2014) in 2015.

The key factor that allowed the company to increase cargo transportation was the implementation of a program to expand its railcar fleet, the company said in a press release. The company acquired the 1,839 gondola cars in 2015.

The Lemtrans limited liability company is the largest private freight forwarding company in Ukraine. It offers the full range of services involving transportation of goods by rail. Its main areas of operation are forwarding services involving domestic and export/import cargo and repair of rolling stock. The SCM Group owns 100% of the shares in Lemtrans.

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