Russian-Based S7 Airlines Finds Way of Circumventing Ban On Transit Flights Over Ukraine

The shareholders of S7 Airlines (Russia) are considering the possibility of acquiring a stake in a Bulgarian airline with the aim of circumventing the ban on operation of Russian transit flights over Ukraine.

Ukraine To Restructure Ukravtodor’s Debt By Issuing Bonds For USD 32 Million

Citibank will receive Ukrainian Eurobonds worth USD 31.617 million maturing on 1 September 2019 and government derivatives worth USD 10.389 million.

Bombardier Considering Possibility Of Launching Production In Lviv Region

The Canadian company, Bombardier, is considering the possibility of cooperation with enterprises in the Lviv region. This was discussed during a meeting between the Lviv region’s Governor Oleh Siniutka and Bombardier’s representative Flavio Canetti.

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