The Canadian company, Bombardier, is considering the possibility of cooperation with enterprises in the Lviv region. This was discussed during a meeting between the Lviv region’s Governor Oleh Siniutka and Bombardier’s representative Flavio Canetti on Wednesday, 24 February.

"We are interested in a global quality brand like Bombardier being associated with the Lviv region,” Siniutka said. “For you, it is development and profit. For us, it is image and demonstration that Ukraine is a good partner. If a Canadian business decides to operate here, we will ensure full support for it and assistance from the customs and fiscal authorities. In addition, if necessary, we are ready to introduce a vocational education system for training skilled workers."

According to Canetti, such cooperation is being considered with enterprises based in the Lviv region that specialize in mechanical engineering. "We have visited Elektron and the Lviv locomotive repair plant. Now are now considering the possibility of entering the Ukrainian market. The company imports technology, components, and parts for assembly of locomotives. The issue of potential buyers of our products is important. As far as we know, there is currently a need for upgrade of railway rolling stock on the Ukrainian market," he said.

Siniutka stressed the convenient location of the Lviv region and its proximity to the European Union, as well as interest in attracting Canadian investments in enterprises based in the Lviv region.

As reported, Minister of Infrastructure Andrii Pyvovarskyi said in December that decisions in principle to invest in Ukraine had been made in the offices of major Western engineering corporations. 

Pyvovarskyi said he was talking about the Siemens and Bombardier companies. "They are ready to come to Ukraine. The only question is whether they will only assemble products or establish joint ventures,” Pyvovarskyi said. According to him, investors are encouraged to make such decisions by the large capacity of the Ukrainian market and the liberalization of the railway sector.

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