Yuzhny Port’s Railway Capacity To Increase 1.5-Fold

The Odesa Railway, a division of the PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia, plans to increase the throughput capacity of railways in the direction of the Yuzhny seaport to 78 pairs of trains from the current 52.

Ukraine And Three Countries Agree Single Tariff For Railway Freight From India

The railways of Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine have reached agreement on a single tariff for railway freight being transported from India to Europe through these countries.

Polish Company To Include Chornomorsk And Odesa In Europe-Turkey Transport Route

The PKP LHS company will conclude an agreement with companies from Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey on the organization of inter-modal transport from Europe to the East in the near future.

Slovenia Offers Ukraine Sea Route To Asia Via Suez Canal

The optimal sea route for delivery of products and cargo from Southern and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, to Central Asia and further to the East passes through Slovenia and the Suez Canal.


Airports vs Airlines: European Market Trends

Who dictates terms on the European air transport market, who "skims the cream," and what are low-cost airlines striving for? Notes from the "European Regional Airports 2016" forum.

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