The PKP LHS company (the only operator of a 1520-millimeter railway line in Poland) will conclude an agreement with companies from Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey on the organization of inter-modal transport from Europe to the East in the near future. Justyna Nowak, the head of the department of international affairs at PKP LHS, announced this during the International Transport Week in Odesa held in June 1-3, the CFTS correspondent reports.

According to her, Ukraine is represented by the Plaske company. The Ukrainian ports that will be included are Chornomorsk and Odesa.

According to Nowak, such a transport route will allow significant intensification of inter-modal transportation between Western Europe, on the one hand, and Turkey and the Caucasus, on the other. This will also be facilitated by the fact that the parties intend to adopt the "through" rate. "Such a large-scale project is a serious alternative to existing routes such as the Belarus-Russia route," Nowak said.

While presenting her company at the 12th Congress of the Association of South-Eastern European Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies, Nowak stressed that PKP LHS could transport freight 395 kilometers deep into the territory of Poland without switching to bogeys with the 1435-millimeter track gauge. Furthermore, PKP LHS intends to increase train speeds from 80 to 100 kilometers per hour and the train length from 800 to 950 meters.

According to Soycan Yilmaz, the head of the board of directors of the CAG Logistics transport company (Turkey), this project "will connect Europe with Turkey and Central Asia through a new direct route."

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