Austrian-Based Rail Cargo Group Transports 1 Million Tons Of Ukrainian Grain

The company increased the volume of transportation of Ukrainian grain significantly after the launch of the Russian invasion.

Russia Fires On Zakharia Floating Crane In Kherson

The crane was supposed to return to Turkey in spring this year, but the Russian invasion prevented it.

EU Should Close Loopholes Allowing Russian Steel Companies To Export Semi-Finished Products - Opinion

Importers buying Russian semi-finished products at discounted prices have an advantage over other steel producers in the EU.

EU’s Ninth Package Of Sanctions Against Russia Includes Ban On Export Of Aircraft Engines And Parts

This means that it will be impossible to export components for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia.

Ukraine Increases Wheat Exports To African Countries To Over 1 Million Tons In December

In total, 554 vessels carrying 13.9 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products, including 4 million tons of wheat and 5.9 million tons of corn, had left Ukraine under the Black Sea Grain Initiative as of 14 December.

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