In 2017 Ukrainian airports handled 16,49 million passengers. Such figures is an evidence of dynamic acceleration of Ukrainian airports because last year the increase was 20,8%, in 2015 and 2016 were a great fall of passenger traffic.

2017 was a significant year for Boryspil airport, the largest one in Ukraine. Last year the airport handled more than 10,55 million passengers that in 22% more than figures of 2016. Such increase was provided by new flights, new airlines as well as by increase of amount of transfer passengers.

Other airports with a million passenger numbers showed positive dynamics. Kyiv Zhuliany airport handled 1,85 million passengers with dynamics +64,2%, Odesa airport – 1,22 million passengers with dynamics +19%.

A new member enlarged the list of airports with a million passenger numbers. Lviv airport, first time from 1991, handled more than 1 million passengers. Dynamics was +46,3%. Kharkiv airport got closer to this list having handled 806,2 thousand passengers.

Middle and small airports also showed positive dynamics. For instance, Kherson airport handled 105,9 thousand passengers with dynamics +69,3%. Meanwhile, Chernivtsi airport set up a record – 47,9 thousand passengers per year.

Only three airports in Ukraine showed negative dynamics. Rivne airport shortened twice its results due to closing of charter flights to Egypt. Now the airport serves only one direction – to Turkish seaside city of Antalya. Dnipropetrovsk airport also had a small decline in passenger numbers (-2,8%). There is some hope for this airport for the next year, because during previous years it showed bigger fall in passenger numbers.

Uzhhorod airport, the westernmost one in Ukraine, handled only 182 passengers, the decline was 87%. The main reason of this is an absence of agreement with Slovakia about air navigation. Therefore, the airport cannot serve the regular flights.

It is worth to note that in 2018 two units, Mykolaiv and Poltava airports, will increase the list of Ukraine's working airports with regular flights. The local authorities are doing much for their restart.

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