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About UAH 400 Million Will Be Invested In Construction Of Cargo Terminal In Boryspil - Riabikin

The management of the airport wants to close the existing cargo terminal in 2019, demolish it, and build a new one.

Passenger Traffic Through Kyiv Airport Increases By 44% In January

The airport handled almost a quarter of a million passengers during the month.

Boryspil Airport Tops ACI Europe’s Annual Ranking For Passenger Traffic

The annual rate of increase of passenger traffic was 19.4%.

Vinnytsia Airport To Be Modernized For UAH 2.2 Billion

Modernization will allow increase of passenger traffic, diversification of flight destinations, and laying of the foundation for creation of a logistics hub.

The Passenger Traffic of Ukrainian Airports - 2018

Last year all Ukrainian airports served more than 20.5 million passengers.

Boryspil Airport To Build Bus Station With 16 Platforms

The bus station will be built next to the Boryspil Airport railway station, creating a common waiting area for bus and train passengers.

Passenger Traffic Through Kherson Airport Increases By 42% In 2018

The number of passengers on domestic flights increased 2.5-fold during the year.

Passenger Traffic Through Ukrainian Airports Exceeds 20.5 Million In 2018

The total passenger traffic through Ukrainian airports reached a record high in 2018.

Kyiv Airport Handles Over 2.8 Million Passengers In 2018

Passenger traffic through the airport increased by 52% in 2018.

Ukraine To Stop Issuing Visas At International Airports On January 1

Foreigners will now be able to enter Ukraine on electronic visas.

Passenger Traffic Through Ukrainian Airports In 2018 Reaches 20 Million

The 20-millionth passenger was welcomed at the Boryspil airport.

Boryspil Airport Explains Paralysis At Its Cargo Terminal

The Boryspil airport’s first deputy general director spoke about the reasons for the paralysis at the airport’s cargo terminal on Friday.

Mykolaiv Airport Preparing To Receive First Regular Flight In December

It will be a flight from Kyiv.

Boryspil Airport Handles 12 Million Passengers Since Beginning Of 2018

The airport has handled a third of a million passengers since the beginning of December.

Mykolaiv Airport Planning To Launch International Flights In December

There will be charter flights to an Egyptian resort.

Passenger Traffic Through Boryspil Airport Increases By One Third

The airport handled 33% more passengers in in November 2018, compared with November 2017.

Infrastructure Ministry Names Most Punctual Ukrainian Airlines In November

The carrier performed only 18 flights from Ukrainian airports.

Passenger Traffic Through Kharkiv Airport Increases By 19% In November

New flights to London and Vienna contributed to the increase in passenger traffic.

Passenger Traffic Through Zaporizhia Airport Increases By 16%

The airport handled 369,500 passengers in the first 11 months of this year.

Lviv Airport Handles Almost 1.5 Million Passengers Since Beginning Of 2018

The number of passengers handled by the airport increased by 47% in the period of January-November 2018.