The volume of cargo transportation on Ukrainian rivers reduced by 13.3% to 15.8 million tons in 2020.

The Rivers of Ukraine Association announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports. 

According to the association, publicly available data from the Ukrainian Seaports Authority and companies engaging in river transportation states that the volume of cargo transportation on rivers totaled 15.8 million tons in 2020, compared with 18.2 million tons in 2019.

According to the data, 11.2 million tons of products were transported on River Dnipro, 4.1 million tons on River Danube, and 0.5 million tons on River Pivdennyi Buh in 2020.

Most of the products transported on Ukrainian rivers in 2020 were coal, building materials, grain, metal products, and ore.

"To a large extent, the results of cargo transportation were influenced by the reduction in the volume of grain transportation on navigable rivers. Among other things, this was due to the reduction of the size of the crop harvest in Ukraine due to weather conditions," said Dmytro Kozachenko, executive director of the Rivers of Ukraine Association.