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68 Ships Carrying 1.2 Million Tons Of Cargo In Ukrainian Ports Since Beginning Of Russian Invasion - USPA

According to the USPA, two-thirds of these 1.2 million tons of cargo is food that is being awaited all over the world.

Ukrzaliznytsia Transports Over 10 Million Tons Of Cargo In July 2022

The volume of cargo transportation increased by 9.2%.

New Border Checkpoints To Be Opened On Ukrainian-Romanian Border

A new agreement between the two countries also allows an increase in the throughput capacity of the existing checkpoints.

Ukrzaliznytsia Explains Reason For Sharp Increase Of Rail Freight Rates

Ukrzaliznytsia said that the company would earn UAH 11 billion by the end of the year due to the indexation of freight rates.

Rail Freight Rates To Increase By 70% In Ukraine

This time, the rates will be increased by 70% for all the 20 types of freight.

Austrian-Based Rail Cargo Group Transports Over 130,000 Tons Of Ukrainian Grain Since Beginning Of War

The company intends to double the transport volume in the summer.

Lithuanian-Based LTG Cargo Resumes Operations In Ukraine

The company's staff will work remotely.

EU Transport System Technically Not Ready To Transport Large Volumes Of Ukrainian Cargo - Ukrzaliznytsia

It needs additional rolling stock - wagons and locomotives - and the construction of certain branches needs to be completed to enable it to handle larger volumes of cargo.

Ukrainian Seaports Handle 76.5 Million Tons Of Cargo In January-July 2021

Ukrainian seaports handled almost 22 million tons of ore and grain cargoes.

Pivdennyi Seaport Handles Almost 25 Million Tons Of Cargo In First Half 2021

The volume of transshipment of export cargo at the seaport was more than 19 million tons during this period.

Container Train From China’s Guangzhou Arrives In Odesa

These are the first containers to be delivered from China along this route.

New Multimodal Terminal Launched In Rivne Region

Fifty wagons can be loaded simultaneously at the terminal.

Cargo Transportation On River Dnipro Increases 1.5 Times In January-February 2021

Building materials, grain, and metal products were mainly transported on the river.

Ezugbaia Announced His Resignation From Ukrzaliznytsia

Ukrzaliznytsia’s director of commercial operations and logistics announced his resignation at a press conference.

Ukrainian Seaports Handle Over 20 Million Tons Of Cargo In First 2 Months Of 2021

Transshipment of export cargo dropped to 16 million tons and transshipment of import cargo to 3 million tons.

Almost 16 Million Tons Of Cargo Transported On Ukrainian Rivers In 2020

More than 11 million tons of cargo was transported on River Dnipro, more than 4 million tons on River Danube, and 0.5 million tons on River Pivdennyi Buh last year.

Creation Of UZ Cargo Expected To Be Completed By July 2021

The heads of UZ Cargo’s business divisions will be appointed in February, its regulatory documents will be finalized in the spring, and its staff will be hired and its business processes formalized in the summer.

Cargo Transshipment In Ukrainian Seaports Down 25.5% In January

The volume of container transshipment in Ukrainian seaports reduced by 16%.

Five Largest Ports Handle 93% Of All Sea Cargoes In Ukraine In January

Nevertheless, transshipment volumes in all these ports fell in January, compared with January last year.

Cargo Transportation On River Dnipro Down Almost 5% In 2020

The volume of transportation of grain on the river reduced but the volume of transportation of metals and building materials increased during the year.

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