Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi will have another adviser from Germany, who will help to develop Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia), Pyvovarskyi announced on his Facebook page.

"The team of reformers of Ukrzaliznytsia will be joined by another German expert. Carsten Mahnke, who recently became my advisor, is not just a lawyer on international law with 19 years of experience. He has been advising government agencies in various countries on combating corruption and conformance to legislation and other internal and external requirements and regulations for 14 years," the minister wrote.

According to him, Ukrzaliznytsia is combating poor management, trying to resolve issues of severe technical conditions, and an obsolete tariff model and analyzing operations to uncover cases of employee conflict of interests etc. The task of the new expert is to help establish a more systematic work aimed at improving railway efficiency.

"We must learn to overcome these problems systematically. Carsten’s task is to establish a compliance office in PJSC Ukrainian Railways, which will work within the supervisory board to monitor the activities of the management. I am confident that Carsten’s experience and knowledge will add a lot of transparency to the new Ukrzaliznytsia," the minister said.

As reported earlier, German expert Stefan Hofsaess, who has worked on railway and subway development projects around the world - from high-speed rail in the Netherlands and Beijing to a subway in Puerto Rico - was recently appointed as adviser to the minister of infrastructure of Ukraine. Hofsaess will be responsible for creating a freight company called Ukrzaliznytsia Cargo as part of the Ukrzaliznytsia system.

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