The Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) will perform dredging work at almost all the seaport in the country in 2016. Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi announced this during a press conference in Odessa on Friday, 8 November, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports. According to him, this is stipulated in the ASU’s financial plan for 2016.

He stressed that the necessary funds exist and that performance of the dredging work would depend on preparation of the necessary technical documentation by seaports.

Pyvovarskyi also noted that the ASU’s financial plan provides for meeting seaports’ requests for equipment. "Almost all the needs of seaports are taken into account," the minister of infrastructure said.

Pyvovarskyi recently said that the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the ASU’s financial plan for 2016 and that Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk was expected to sign the relevant order soon. At the same time, the minister did not provide any figures related to the financial plan.

The Administration Seaports of Ukraine is a state enterprise founded in accordance with the law "On Seaports of Ukraine" and registered on 27 May 2013. It is a unitary business enterprise consisting of a central office (Kiev), a main representative office (Odessa), 18 branches in Ukrainian seaports, and the affiliates Delta Lotsman, and the Maritime Search and Rescue Service. It has more than 10,600 employees.