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50 Vessels In Ukrainian Ports Remain Blocked From February 24, 2022

Only two vessels remained in the ports of Great Odesa.

The Occupiers Want To Increase The Production Of Clay And Limestone In The Captured Territories Of Donetsk Region

Mariupol port can be used to export stolen raw materials from temporarily occupied territories.

From The Beginning Of 2023 About 12 Ships With Stolen Cargo Left The Port Of Mariupol

Ships of the "river-sea" class with a maximum load of 5,000 tons enter the port.

Shipowners Await Details Of New Insurance Coverage In New Shipping Corridor To Ukraine

The new route to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports is gaining traction, according to Western media reports.

Russian Occupiers Increase Number Of Ships Exporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Mariupol Port

The vessels are immediately sent to a roadstead for transshipment.

UDP Initiates Creation Of Ukrainian Port Operator In Constanta

The shipping company proposes to create 3 additional anchorages in the port of Constanta, one of which will be assigned to Ukraine.

Russia Destroys Or Damages 105 Ukrainian Port Infrastructure Facilities In 2 Months

US Ports To Help Rebuild Ukraine's Maritime Infrastructure

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the USPA and the ports of South Louisiana and New Orleans.

Port Of Gdańsk Preparing For Increase In Grain Transshipment Volumes

The Port of Gdańsk expects grain handling to increase from 2 million tons last year to nearly 6 million tons within two years.

Businesses To Help Military Acquire Equipment To Counter Attacks On Ports

The aim is to build capacity to protect ports and other critical infrastructure.

Insurance Companies Raising Premiums For Black Sea Tankers Carrying Russian Oil

The Ukrainian attacks on a Russian warship in the port of Novorossiysk and a tanker near the Kerch Strait have highlighted the vulnerability of Russia's Black Sea trade.

In The Port Of Izmail, 13 Thousand Tons Of Grain Were Destroyed As A Result Of An Attack By Russian Drones

Agricultural products were destined for Egypt and Romania.

Ukraine Finalizing Scheme To Insure Grain Vessels In Black Sea

The relevant agreement is being discussed and studied by the relevant ministries, banks, and international insurance groups, including Lloyd's of London.

A Month Without a Deal

Polish Experts Propose Banning All Russian Ships From Entering EU Ports If Merchant Ships Attacked In Black Sea

Polish experts believe it is necessary to completely unblock maritime trade routes to Ukrainian ports.

‘Russia Is Already Pushing Us Out of Global Markets and Planting a Time Bomb.’ CFTS Director Serhii Vovk Explains How Russia Is Driving Ukraine into a ‘Grain Deal’ Trap

Temporary Corridors Announced For Merchant Ships Sailing To And From Ukrainian Ports

The military threat from Russia and risks from mines remain along the entire lengths of all the routes.

The Russian Pressure Points That Will Allow Ukraine’s Ports to Reopen

A senior manager at Ukraine's largest exporter discusses the options for unblocking Ukraine's seaports.

Ukraine Declares Russia’s Black Sea Ports Unsafe For Shipping

This is essentially a step to block Russian ports in response to Russia's pirate activities in the region.

Ukraine Needs Complete Unblocking Of Its Ports And Not Another Grain Deal With Russian Occupiers - Expert

The Ukrmetallurhprom president also believes sea routes should be opened for all civilian products.

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