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Infrastructure Ministry No Longer Involved With Ukrainian Port In Vietnam

This could mean that Ukraine does not plan to continue the development of this asset.

Ukrainian Ports Handle Almost 53 Million Tons Of Cargo In First 6 Months Of 2024

They handled 6.7 million tons of cargo in June.

55 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Through Ukrainian Maritime Corridor

A total of 1,954 ships were loaded.

Mykolaiv Ports Ready To Resume Operations

The only issues are permission from the military and security.

Ukrainian Ports Handle Nearly 46 Million Tons Of Cargo In First Five Months Of 2024

This volume is double the volume in the same period of 2023.

50 Million Tons Of Goods Exported Through Ukraine’s Maritime Corridor

Despite constant attacks by the Russians, the Ukrainian port workers processed 1,737 ships.

Maersk To Begin Shipping Containers To Port Of Chornomorsk

A ship with a capacity of over 1,100 TEU will be used on the route.

Hapag-Lloyd Resumes Container Services To And From Ukrainian Ports

It will be part of a feeder service to Constanța.

From Rostov to Crimea: How the Russians are Building a Logistics Corridor Through Occupied Ukrainian Pryazovia

What we know about the situation in the ports of occupied Mariupol and Berdiansk and the railways the occupiers are restoring or building near the Sea of Azov.

Cargo Turnover Of Ukrainian Seaports Totals 10 Million Tons In April 2024

Ukrainian ports handled 37.7 million tons of cargo in January-April this year, compared with 22 million tons in 2023.

Port Workers On Strike In Berdiansk

Workers are on strike because the Russians have not paid their salaries for several months.

45 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported To 44 Countries Through Ukrainian Maritime Corridor

An additional 108 vessels carrying more than 3 million tons of cargo are on their way to the ports.

Russian Occupiers Launch Grain Terminal In Berdiansk Port

The newly launched terminal serves as a hub for receiving and shipping.

Russians Load Another Ship With Stolen Ukrainian Grain In Mariupol Port

About 60,000 tons of cargo have been shipped from the occupied port since the beginning of this year.

First Non-Feeder Container Ship Enters Ukrainian Black Sea Port Since Beginning Of War

The ship came from China.

Russian Occupiers Launch Another Test Train From Mariupol Port

Russians also completing the construction of a railway bridge near Hranitne.

Russian Ports Increase Exports By 3% In First Quarter 2024

The volume of cargo transshipment in Russian ports on the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea decreased slightly, but the volume of cargo transshipment in the port of Novorossiysk increased by 6%.

Ukraine Has No Full-Fledged Alternative To Exports Through Seaports - UGA

Even while operating at reduced capacity, ports facilitate the export of 7 million tons of agricultural products per month.

65 Ships May Have Entered Occupied Port Of Mariupol In 2023

This information comes from Russian collaborators, so it should be treated with caution.

Pivdennyi Port Handles 14 Million Tons Of Cargo In 6 Months

This is almost a third more than they handled in the first year of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

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