The investment project for development of the Azov ship repair plant, which was proposed by the Mariupol Investment Group (MIG), provides for a payback period of eight years.

Oleh Ivaniushenko, a co-founder and executive director of MIG LLC, which operates the Azov ship repair plant, announced this in an interview with the CFTS portal.

According to Ivaniushenko, the payback period would be 5-6 years if hostilities in Eastern Ukraine ended early.

“According to our joint work with Rolland Berger, the payback period for the project is 5-6 years. However, this project was finalized (in the period of 2014-2015) in anticipation of an early end to hostilities in the Donbas. Given the fact that the situation has since changed, the indicators need to be recalculated. Preliminarily, we expect a payback in no more than eight years. The appropriate rate of return should be ensured," he said.

The investment project, which MIG intends to present to a wide range of investors at the “RE:THINK Invest in Ukraine” investment forum in Mariupol on October 29, will focus on best practices in development of shipbuilding, ship repair, transshipment, and cooperation with small businesses.

According to a study, investment in the facility will make it possible to increase the volume of engineering output threefold, overhaul of ships 1.5-2-fold, and cargo transshipment 2-fold, as well as to revive shipbuilding.