The state-owned Boryspil international airport (Kyiv), which is the largest airport in the country, aims to make a net profit of UAH 1 billion in 2016 in an optimistic scenario. The airport’s acting General Director Yevhen Dykhne announced this at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday, 15 March, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

Asked about details of the airport’s financial plan for 2016, he said that the airport was aiming for a net profit of UAH 585 million in a pessimistic scenario.

"Regarding the financial plan for 2016, it is true that we also included a pessimistic airport scenario in the financial plan for 2015. Why? Because guaranteed transfers into the state budget depend on our financial plan and the figures projected in it. Therefore, it is dangerous make optimistic forecasts," he said.

According Dykhne, if the airport does not meet the set targets, the state will receive less money, respectively and it will not be able to finance various items of expenditure.

"Therefore, as was the case in 2015, we drafted the financial plan for 2016 based on a pessimistic forecast for development of events in 2016. We understand the situation we are in and the fact that the aviation industry is a sensitive area of activity. Therefore, we projected a total of UAH 585 million, which we guarantee will be paid as dividends and taxes to the state regardless of how the situation in the Ukrainian aviation industry develops," the head of the airport said.

He also said that the airport’s net profit for 2015 has been revised upward by about UAH 100 million to UAH 700 million.