The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a resolution on launching an experimental project involving the implementation of a Digital Management System for the reconstruction of transport infrastructure.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, the system will ensure that the rebuilding of damaged and destroyed infrastructure is transparent and open to businesses, Ukraine’s international partners, experts, and the public.

According to Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, the new system will facilitate the monitoring of the entire cycle of an infrastructure project: from design, public procurement, construction, reconstruction, and repair work to the commissioning of finished facilities. Application of the principle of "everyone sees everything" will enable the public and Ukraine’s international partners to understand clearly where and how reconstruction funds are being spent.

"The introduction of the digital reconstruction management system will facilitate effective, transparent, and accountable distribution of funds for rebuilding infrastructure. In the future, this system could become the basis for an electronic reconstruction management system for all sectors. In addition, the United Nations General Assembly recently adopted a resolution on reparations to Ukraine from Russia, which recognizes the need to create, in cooperation with Ukraine, an international mechanism for compensating for damages and an international register of damages. Together with our partners, we are working to ensure that the international register of damages is integrated with the Ukrainian register of damaged property, which is the basis for the digital reconstruction management system," he said.

The launch of the system is planned for early 2023.

This project is being implemented in cooperation with the Open Contracting international non-profit organization and the RISE Ukraine - Coalition for Reconstruction.

Developments are being financed within the framework of Open Contracting Partnership projects and member organizations of the RISE Ukraine Coalition, particularly with the support of the British Government.

“The creation of such a system is a very important step towards large-scale reconstruction of Ukraine. It will allow better coordination and better preparation of reconstruction projects within the country and their presentation to international partners through a ‘single window’ based on the standards they understand,” said Viktor Nestulia, the head of the Ukraine support department at the Open Contracting Partnership.