The Cabinet of Ministers has supported a draft law aimed at toughening penalties for drivers for violating road safety rules. The website reported this, citing a government newsletter.

For operation of an automobile with a faulty braking system or steering wheel, as well as for conversion of an automobile in violation of the rules, including, tinting of glasses in violation of the standards, the draft law provides for increasing the fine payable from UAH 340-510 to UAH 510-680. It provides for a fine of UAH 170-340 (currently UAH 51-85) for violation of the rules for use of seat belts or helmets.

The draft law also provides for fines ranging from UAH 425-510 to UAH 510-595 for violating the rules for traveling at intersections, traveling through a red light, ignoring the signals of a traffic controller, using external lighting decvices installed in violation of the standards, and speaking on a mobile telephone without a hands-free device.

For damage of roads, streets, and road structures, as well as obstruction of traffic (including installation of items obstructing rtraffic on the roadway), the draft law provides for penalties ranging from UAH 340 to UAH 510 (or 30-40 hours of community service).

For failure to comply with the orders of Interior Ministry officials ensuring road safety, the draft law provides for fines ranging from UAH 680 to UAH 1,020 or from UAH 1,190 to UAH 1,700 for officials (currently UAH 153-187).

According to statistics, 293,000 road accidents have been registered in Ukraine in the past five years, in which almost 35,000 people have been killed and more than 286,000 injured. The death rate in road traffic accidents in Ukraine is 188 per 1 million people. More than 15,500 accidents were registered in the period of January-July 2013 alone. Drivers were at fault in 77% of these accidents. The death rate in road accidents in Ukraine is considerably higher than in Switzerland (49 people per 1 million inhabitants) and Germany (62 people per 1 million inhabitants).