The Higher Economic Court of Ukraine has again adjourned consideration of the dispute between Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) and Swissport International (Switzerland) over the ownership of a stake in the Interavia ground services company (formerly known as Swissport Ukraine).

The press service of UIA told the Center for Transport Strategies that the next court hearing in the dispute would take place on October 2.

The court sessions that took place on September 18 and 25 ended with adjournment of the case.

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Swissport International acquired a 51% stake in the Interavia ground services company, which was later renamed as Swissport Ukraine, in 2006. The other shareholders of the company were UIA (29.4%) and ABH (19.6%). Swissport exercised its option to purchase ABN’s shares in 2008 to increase its own stake to 70.6 %.

UIA later accused its Swiss partner of attempting to dilute its stake in the company and went to court. Based on the court’s decision, UIA bought 70.4% of Swissport Ukraine from Swissport International in spring 2013. However, UIA’s former partners did not agree with these actions and continued litigation.