Lawyers for the Kyiv-based airline company Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) will make a decision on an appeal after receiving the full text of the Kyiv Economic Court’s decision on ownership of the Interavia limited liability company (previously known as Swissport Ukraine) and analyzing the reasoned part of the decision. The UIA’s corporate press secretary Yevhenia Satska announced this, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

The full text of the court’s decision must be prepared within five days.

"On May 29, the Kyiv Economic Court announced the introductory and resolutive part of its decision to reject the lawsuit filed by the UIA and the counter-lawsuit filed by Swissport International (SPI). Specifically, the court refused to recognize the UIA as the owner of a 70.6% stake in the authorized capital of Interavia and that SPI was compelled to sell this stake to the UIA; it rejected SPI’s request to invalidate certain provisions of the agreement between the shareholders of Swissport Ukraine dated February 21, 2006, the violation of which by SPI prompted the UIA to file the initial claim,” she said.

Satska added that the UIA remained the legal owner of 100% of the shares in Interavia because the court’s decision had not yet entered into force as of Friday.