A case involving possible implementation of a corrupt scheme by the Euroterminal company, which is located adjacent to the Odesa port, has been sent to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). The head of the Odesa customs, Yulia Marushevska, announced this on her Facebook page.

"Someone has decided that it is possible to engage in corruption by monopolizing the entrance to the port of Odesa: with the help of the city council, they have placed road signs in a way that ensures that all trucks pass through the territory of Euroterminal and that the company itself collects USD 20 for every passage. Otherwise, it is impossible to enter the territory of the port without violating the rules," Marushevska wrote.

According to her, customs inspection can currently be performed only in specially equipped place on the territory of the port operator. The Euroterminal company, which had previously earned money from services related to customs inspections, does not have the status of a port operator, but it wants to obtain this status.

"We will not give our consent to inclusion of Euroterminal in the territory of the port. We will not participate in schemes that give advantage to any company over other operators," Marushevska said.