The share of counterfeit gasoline on the Ukrainian market will be at least 30 percent this year. Yurii Kuchabskyi, the vice president for commercial affairs for the OKKO chain of gasoline filling stations announced this in an interview with the Biznes publication, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

"I think that counterfeit gasoline will be at least 30 percent or nearly every third liter of fuel on the market this year. In monetary terms, the state will lose about UAH 5 billion in excise duty and VAT," he said.

According to him, gasoline can be found on the Ukrainian market at a price that is UAH 3 per liter lower than the price in the OKKO chain of gasoline filling stations, which is lower than the purchase price under direct contracts with the producer.

As previously reported, the Galnaftogaz Concern operates the OKKO chain, which is one of the largest chains of gasoline filling stations in Ukraine with about 420 filling stations. The majority shareholder of the company is Vitalii Antonov.