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Poland Asks Ukraine To Exclude Empty Polish Trucks Returning To EU From e-Queue System

The Poles are also initiating EU consideration of the impact of the EU-Ukraine agreement on the liberalization of road transport.

Polish Truckers’ Strike Spreads To Shehyni–Medyka Border Crossing

Slovak Carriers Threaten To Block Ukrainian Trucks On Slovak-Ukrainian Border

Long queues of trucks heading to Ukraine have already formed at the Vysne Nemecke - Uzhhorod border crossing.

Polish Demand To Reintroduce Trucking Permits For Ukrainian Carriers Has No Chance of Success - Nayem

The Ukraine-EU Agreement on the Carriage of Freight by Road was signed with the entire EU, not with a single country.

Polish Carriers Want To Deny Licenses To Transport Companies With Non-EU Capital

They also demand the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian carriers "to ensure equal opportunities."

Mercedes-Benz Delivers Over 100 Zetros Off-Road Trucks To Ukraine

The vehicles were delivered for Ukrainian military support and logistics operations.

Ukraine Intends To Create 9 More Checkpoints On The Border With EU Countries

Most of the works are planned to be carried out on the border with Poland.

Asphalt Layer Removed To Allow Delivery Of 1,000-Ton Transformer To Ukraine

Ukrenergo has shown how an autotransformer currently in operation in Ukraine was transported.

Electronic Queue Management System For Vehicles To Be Launched At 16 Crossings On Ukraine’s Western Border

Truck drivers will be able to use the system from next week, bus drivers from July, and car owners from August.

Drilling Of Piles And Installation Of Concrete Beams For New Bridge Linking Hostomel, Bucha, And Irpin With Kyiv Begin In Irpin

A total of 7,500 cubic meters of concrete and 970 tons of construction steel will be used in the construction project.

Number Of Ukrainian Professional Drivers In Poland Increases

Of the total number of professional driver's licenses issued to foreigners in 2022, over 79% were issued to citizens of Ukraine.

Diakivtsi-Racovat Border Crossing Opens On Ukrainian-Romanian Border In Chernivtsi Region

It currently serves pedestrians, cars, buses, and empty trucks.

Road Freight Volume In Russia Does Not Fall Despite Almost 1 Year Of War

Russian carriers compensated for their losses on European routes by increasing transport volumes to Asian countries.

4 Temporary Crossings Built And 245 Km Of Roads Cleared In Liberated Kherson Region

Three subcontractors and 27 pieces of equipment are involved in the works.

South Korea Sends 100 Pickup Trucks From Incheon Port To Ukraine

Five mini-excavators are also being sent from South Korea by sea.

E-Queue System For Trucks To Be Launched At Yahodyn-Dorohusk Border Crossing On 12 December - Infrastructure Ministry

It will be possible to monitor the progress of queues openly on the system's website

Temporary Bridge Donated By Czech Republic Opened To Traffic In Balakliia, Kharkiv Region

It was installed on Highway P-78 Kharkiv - Zmiiv - Balakliia.

Control Of Nationalized Motor Sich And AvtoKrAZ Transferred To Defense Ministry

The operations of these and other nationalized enterprises will focus on increasing the country's defense capabilities.

Electronic Queue Management System Aimed At Reducing Traffic Jams At Border Checkpoints Will Become Operational In 1 Month – Nayem

The "Electronic Border Crossing Queue" pilot project will first be implemented at the Yahodyn – Dorohusk border checkpoint.

Over 400 Skoda Cars Assembled In Zakarpattia In September

The Eurocar plant even increased car assembly compared with the same month last year.

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