The Ilyichevsk seaport introduced a new system for managing the movement of trucks on 21 April, according to a press release by the Ilyichevsk port authority.

The system provides an alternative exit for container trucks with containerized cargoes that are processed via the procedure for preliminary customs clearance of containers.

"The new traffic plan provided an opportunity to choose the optimum movement for container trucks on the territory of the Ilyichevsk seaport, which will allow freight forwarders to minimize time-related and other expenditures on transportation of containerized cargoes," the port’s Deputy Chief of Logistics Yurii Sokolov is quoted as saying.

Currently, container trucks spend an average of about 5 hours at the Ilyichevsk seaport while the processing of container trucks via the preliminary customs clearance procedure takes 32 minutes, Sokolov said.

As reported, the Ilyichevsk seaport began preliminary customs clearance of containers on 17 October 2014 as part of the introduction of a Port Community Information System (PCIS).