Ukraine needs to upgrade 400 trolleybuses and 200 trams annually. First Deputy Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Shulmeister announced this during a seminar on sustainable investment and operation of urban public transport on Wednesday, June 10, the RBK Ukraine publication reports.

"As of today, the minimum requirement for upgrade is about 400 trolleybuses and 200 trams per year," said Shulmeister.

According to him, the government is not yet capable of implementing a program for replacement of means of transport. For example, 15% of the required number of trolleybuses and 1% of the required number of trams were upgraded in 2014.

"If we look at the actual volumes for 2014, 60 trolleybuses and two tram cars were purchased. That is, we are far behind in terms of implementation of the program for replacement of public transport," said Shulmeister.