The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has set the task of reducing the cost of transport logistics on River Dnieper by at least 70 percent. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yurii Vaskov announced this during the Black Sea Economic Forum in Odessa, the CFTS correspondent reports.

According to Vaskov, only 0.5 percent of the total volume of cargo transported in the country is transported on River Dnieper. "Compared with today's indicator of several million tons per year, we have a growth potential of 40 million tons in the coming years. This is what should switch to the river," said the deputy minister.

According to him, this requires, among other things, reduction of charges: it is necessary to cancel a number of charges, including the lock charge and several others. The remaining charges should be the river charge, revenues from which should be used directly to maintain river depths and similar needs.

Simultaneously, it is necessary to step up the fight against overloading on automobile roads, the official said. "I hope that this mechanism will go into effect in 2016 and then the focus on the river will increase," he added.

As reported earlier, 660,000 tons of cargo was transported on River Dnieper in August.