Flights from the Lviv airport to Milan will be launched in September. The airport's Director Tatyana Romanovska announced this during a meeting at the Lviv regional administration on Monday, August 14, the Lviv portal reports.

According to Romanovska, the Italian airline will announce new flights from Lviv this week.

"Since low-cost airlines are unable to launch flights to Italy and Spain, we have found a new Italian company that will announce within a few days that there will be a new flight from Lviv to Milan on Fridays and Sundays on September 22," she said, adding that the company also planned to subsequently operate flights on Tuesdays.

In addition, the Italian airline plans to launch flights to Venice and Naples in December and to Sardinia, Verona and Parma in the 2018 summer season.

According to the Vholos web portal, the airline in question could be Ernest Airlines, which is headquartered in Milan but has its main base in Tirana (Albania). The airline currently has two airplanes and plans to add two more to its fleet in the near future.

The Italian airline Meridiana previously operated flights to Lviv. The second largest Italian air carrier operated flights on the Naples-Lviv route from December 2014.