The Lviv airport plans to attract the Norwegian, a low-cost airline. This airline may offer passengers cheap flights from Lviv to Norway and other European countries, as well to North America. The airport’s Director Tetiana Romanovska announced this in an interview with the Lviv-based Tvoe Misto portal.

"It is a low-cost airline that has also started performing long-haul flights. We are planning flights from Lviv to Norway. We understand that a passenger can transfer to the Norwegian and fly to New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto for EUR 150 if there is at least one flight to Copenhagen, which will be operated by Wizz Air and Ryanair. As soon as Wizz Air begins flights, Ryanair will follow and the Norwegian will later join them," said Romanovska.

The Norwegian has already operated on the Ukrainian market. The carrier began flying on the Oslo-Kyiv-Oslo route in June 2012. The flights later became seasonal and not performed in the winter. The airline eventually stopped flying to Ukraine in September 2014. The Norwegian said it did not see the possibility of returning to Ukraine in 2015.

The Norwegian is the third largest low-cost airline in Europe in terms of passenger volumes. The carrier carried about 30 million passengers in 2016. In addition to European flights, the Norwegian also operates flights to Asia and North America.

Romanovska recently announced talks with Ukrainian International Airlines on operation of a test flight from Lviv to North America.