A new facility for assembling sections of new vessels was commissioned at the Nibulon company’s shipyard in Mykolaiv on November 14.

The facility is equipped with four radio-controlled overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 tons each. Modern welding equipment is also installed there. The new facility will be capable of producing about 4,000 tons of metal structures per year, the company said.

The project for construction of the facility was implemented with financial support from the European Investment Bank.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, Nibulon plans to invest about UAH 5.5 billion in development of river transportation and infrastructure for the agricultural sector in the next few years. A significant proportion of this amount will be spent on construction of a cargo fleet at the company’s own shipyard in Mykolaiv and modernization of the shipyard. "The company plans to build up to 15 vessels annually," Nibulon’s General Director Oleksii Vadaturskyi said.