The ceremonial launch of the "Nodari Chanturia" tugboat took place at the Nibulon shipyard in Mykolaiv on June 23.

This is the third and final ship to be built under the new project 121M. Similar tugboats “Yurii Makarov” and “Anatolii Hankevych” were launched earlier.

The "Yurii Makarov" departed on its maiden trip on the Southern Bug River in June and the "Anatolii Hankevych" will begin operation in July.

All the three vessels have a capacity of 1,200 horsepower, and they are designed to operate in shallow waters, including the Desna and Pripyat rivers.

As reported, the Nibulon company’s head Oleksii Vadaturskyi announced on 22 June that the company planned to revive shipping on River Desna in 2018. Nibulon currently transports goods on rivers Dnipro and Southern Bug.