Of the 109 regular flights that are performed between Turkey and Ukraine per week, excluding charter flights to holiday destinations, 63 are performed by three Turkish airlines and 46 by three Ukrainian airlines, Aviation News & Analytics reports.

Turkish Airlines has become the largest foreign carrier on the Ukrainian market and the third largest in terms of the total number of flights after UIA and Dniproavia. It performs 46 weekly flights from Istanbul to six airports in Ukraine: Boryspil, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, and – since 28 December last year – Zaporizhia.

In addition, on the Turkish side, Pegasus Airlines operates 14 flights (seven to Kharkiv, four to Lviv, and three to Zaporizhia) and Onur Air operates three (to Odesa).

On the Ukrainian side, three airlines operate regular flights: UIA operates 16 flights to Istanbul from Boryspil and seven from Odesa, to which seven will be added on 26 January this year. Dniproavia operates five flights a week on the Dnipropetrovsk-Istanbul route.

The Atlasjet Ukraine airline began operating on the Ukraine-Turkey route in 2015 with flights to Istanbul from Kharkiv, Lviv, and Zaporizhia.

The bilateral agreement on air links between the two countries sets a limit of 16 flights per week for carriers from each country on the Kyiv-Istanbul route, 14 on the Odesa-Istanbul route, and seven on the remaining routes from regional airports.