The Okean shipyard (Mykolaiv) has been sold for UAH 122.195 million at an auction. The auction took place in Mykolaiv on December 3, the CFTS portal reports, citing the NikVesti publication.

The shipyard was bought by the Annona Trading House company, which was one of the main creditors of the shipyard.

The starting price at the auction was UAH 1.1 billion. It was lowered to UAH 93 million before bidding began.

The auction was organized by the Legal Aspects of Groups law firm.

The December 3 auction was the third in the past two months. The shipyard was put up for auction at the starting price of UAH 1.82 billion (the amount of recognized creditors' claims) on September 21 and then put up for auction at the starting price of UAH 1.45 billion on October 8. Both auctions failed due to the lack of bids.

The Okean shipyard (known as Vadan Yards Okean until April 2011, Damen Shipyard's Okean until December 2008, and Okean shipyard until February 2001) specializes in manufacture and repair of container ships, tankers, tugboats, and barges with up to 350,000 displacement tons. The shipyard has the largest dry dock in Europe, facilities for construction of large-tonnage vessels, and ​​42 hectares of water body.

The Mykolaiv Regional Economic Court declared the Okean Shipyard bankrupt in November 2013. Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko announced in September 2017 that he intended to restore state ownership of the shipyard.