The construction of the Polish section of the Via Carpathia international motorway, which has a length of 600 kilometers, will be completed by 2025. Poland’s Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Adamczyk announced this at a press conference in Warsaw, the CFTS reports.

Adamczyk signed permits for construction of four sections of the S19 motorway, which is part of the Via Carpathia corridor, on Thursday, May 18. The total length of these sections is 178 kilometers.

"The year 2025 is the year in which the entire length of the Via Carpathia route should be ready. I state the year 2025 with caution, but we can assume in reality that the entire Polish segment of Via Carpathia will be ready in 2024. Today's decision marks the beginning of the preparatory work on sections with a total length of 178 kilometers, the construction of which will cost about PLN 6 billion (more than EUR 1.4 billion)," Adamczyk said.

As reported, Adamczyk initiated the construction of the Via Carpathia international highway in December 2015. The highway will connect Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. The motorway is expected to have branches to Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria.