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Polish Government Says Ukrainian Grain Cited As Reason For Border Blockade Does Not Remain In Poland

Poland’s deputy minister of agriculture said that Ukrainian grain is currently transported in transit through Poland and not imported.

Polish Protesters Dump Grain From Freight Cars Bound For Germany

About 4 tons of grain were dumped out of two freight cars.

Polish Protesters Block Kyiv-Chelm Passenger Train On 18 February

There were 260 passengers on the train, most of them women and children.

Polish Farmers Warn Of 30-Day Blockade Of All Polish-Ukrainian Border Crossings

Not only border crossings, but also communication hubs and access roads to transshipment railway stations and seaports, will be blocked.

Polish Farmers Plan To Prevent Transfer Of Ukrainian Cargo At Hrubieszów Station

Farmers intend to prevent the reloading of Ukrainian agricultural goods from railcars onto trucks.

Poland And European Commission Discuss Amendments To EU-Ukraine Road Transport Agreement

The Polish minister of infrastructure has expressed the hope that it will be possible to amend the EU-Ukraine agreement on the liberalization of road transport and that the amendments will enter into force on 1 July this year.

UZ Cargo Poland To Provide International Transportation Services In Romania And Poland

Ukrzaliznytsia’s Europe-based company will provide a range of international transportation services.

Polish Companies Invited To Participate In Construction Of Krakovets-Lviv-Brody-Rivne Highway

The highway should be built under concession conditions.

1,900 Trucks Queued Up On Ukrainian-Polish Border

The blocking of the border crossings Rava-Ruska - Hrebenne, Krakovets - Korczowa, and Yahodyn - Dorohusk continues.

Polish Truckers Intensify Blockade Of Yahodyn - Dorohusk Border Crossing

The striking truckers are allowing one truck to cross the border into Ukraine every three hours, compared with three per hour previously.

New Polish Prime Minister Says He Will Unblock Border With Ukraine

According to Tusk, the new Polish government ministers have found a solution to the problem on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Poland Asks Ukraine To Exclude Empty Polish Trucks Returning To EU From e-Queue System

The Poles are also initiating EU consideration of the impact of the EU-Ukraine agreement on the liberalization of road transport.

Polish Truckers’ Strike Spreads To Shehyni–Medyka Border Crossing

Ukrainian Border Being Blocked By Polish Carriers That Used To Operate In Russia And Belarus - AsMAP

The blocking of truck traffic on the border with Ukraine has been going on for more than a week, as a result of which Ukrainian carriers lose at least EUR 300 per day of downtime.

Polish Demand To Reintroduce Trucking Permits For Ukrainian Carriers Has No Chance of Success - Nayem

The Ukraine-EU Agreement on the Carriage of Freight by Road was signed with the entire EU, not with a single country.

Polish Carriers Want To Deny Licenses To Transport Companies With Non-EU Capital

They also demand the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian carriers "to ensure equal opportunities."

"Agro & Food Security Forum 2023" took place in Warsaw

Kyiv Subway Receives 12 Additional Subway Cars From Warsaw Metro

It now remains to transport the last train out of the 10 intended for the Kyiv subway .

Knorr-Bremse Opens Production And Service Center Near Ukrainian Border In Poland

The facility in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship will service braking systems and manufacture air conditioning systems for rail vehicles.

Polish-Based SKPL Seeking To Launch Trains To Ukraine From 2 More Directions

The relevant applications have already been submitted to Ukrzaliznytsia.

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